4 Types of Flooring Sturdy Enough to Withstand Your Business’s Needs

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

When it comes time to choose new flooring for your business, there are a lot of things that you need to consider besides just the cost. If it’s a high-traffic environment, you need to make sure that you choose a flooring material that’s made to last. Here are four types of flooring that’s sturdy enough to withstand your business’s needs.


This is a great flooring choice if you are looking for both a durable and aesthetically appealing flooring choice. While this type of flooring can be very expensive, it may be the perfect choice for businesses that are in need of a large amount of flooring. This includes large restaurants, airports and theaters. The upfront costs can be high, but terrazzo flooring is meant to last a lifetime. What this means is that you won’t have to replace it in a couple of years because of wear and tear.

Acid Brick

It’s no surprise that acid brick flooring, like that offered by Archway Brick and Tile, is resistant to a lot of wear and tear. Because it’s made from brick and chemically treated with acid, it’s very durable and resistant to chemicals. It’s the perfect choice for manufacturing facilities where the flooring may receive a lot of abuse.


Many commercial kitchens have quarry tile flooring. It is made to withstand things like spills and grease. It’s a great choice for restaurants that are on a budget as it’s very durable, and it’s a lot cheaper than porcelain. As long as it’s taken care of properly, quarry tile can last for years to come.


A lot of businesses are looking for durable flooring that’s affordable. Epoxy may be the perfect choice for them. It is moisture resistant, and it can handle light spills and heavy foot traffic. It doesn’t offer that much in terms of looks, but it can be found in some retail spaces or offices.

In conclusion, there are all sorts of flooring solutions that can meet your needs. All of the options mentioned above are durable, and they are sturdy enough to handle some of the harshest work environments. Before choosing a flooring, you need to think about things like look, cost and how long you want your flooring to last. This will ensure that you choose the right flooring for all of your business’s needs.

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