4 Types of Employees You Should Hire for Added Management Help

[This article was written by Emma Sturgis.]

It doesn’t matter what industry your business represents. Having quality management professionals will play a role in your success. This is true for those in retail, accounting, law, medicine, and various other fields. Management itself is oversight of both daily operations, as well as, staffing responsibilities. It is important to be able to gauge whether goals are being achieved and to evaluate accomplishments.

There is no focus too small in business to have a management figure supervising or leading projects. Areas like security guard services require there to be individuals who manage worksites, teams, and other bits of operations. They may work in offices, airports, and private properties. These may serve in leadership levels or as company executives, which typically depends on the structure of these operations.

Let’s take a look at some of the employees you should consider for your team.

Marketing Leader

According to Entrepreneur, trends show that companies are bringing in marketing experts to manage relevant processes. These are specialists that can oversee the strategies used for different types of marketing objectives. Their responsibilities include both sales and implementations, which is usually based upon the products and services being promoted.

Operations Manager

It is possible to find professionals for your team that is experienced in the operations you perform. Some of these represent areas, such as customer service, hospitality, and technical tasks. Having an operations manager is a good way to determine which processes work and which do not. This type of evaluation and analysis may lead to increased profits.


This employee, as stated by ISU as a front-line member of your team. In some instances, they are the first people that clients and customers meet. It may be necessary to utilize these employees to manage scheduling objectives. Your receptionist might also handle billing, correspondence, and assist office managers with their responsibilities.


Bookkeepers are some of the most diverse roles in any business. These are individuals who are responsible for financial areas. This may include accounting, invoicing, payroll, and inventory orders. Hiring a bookkeeper to address receivables, as well as, your balance sheets is extremely important. Their ability to monitor these areas could be instrumental to accurate budgeting.

Larger companies may consider executive roles to respond to management needs. There are similar positions that employees serve in with small and medium-sized companies. Their work not only impacts productivity but the ability of companies to expand.


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