4 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out at a Trade Show

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

If you plan to set up a booth at a trade show to promote your business, there are some effective ways that you can try to stand out from your competitors. Separating yourself from the pack can draw more positive attention from people who may become some of your most loyal customers. Here are some tips that you can follow to help your business stand out at a trade show.

Use Simple Statements

Putting simple statements on banners can garner more attention from trade show attendees. People often like simplicity, and they may be likelier to want to learn more about your brand if your banners feature statements that are both succinct and catchy. Even just a single word can get you noticed if it’s powerful enough to drum up people’s curiosity. If you choose to use a single word on your banners, consider putting a period after it to make it look stronger.

Utilize Trade Show Headshots

Trade show headshots are often effective in attracting longer lines at expo booths. The top companies that specialize in creating these headshots use high-quality studio lighting to capture the best images. These trade show headshots can also be incorporated with social media and shared in real time so that more people can learn about your business. Putting a face to what you do not only makes your booth more memorable, but it also makes it easier for attendees to attribute positive emotions and connotations to your business.

Hand Out Business Cards

Even just handing out business cards at the trade show can get more people interested in your brand. Attendees who don’t have time to stop at your booth can pick up a business card on the go and contact you later to learn more about your products or services. Using eye-catching text and graphics on your business cards can make your company’s image more memorable. Many trade show attendees will forget the booths they saw, but the cards give a solid reminder of how to contact the companies they were interested in.

Offer Free Swag

Everyone loves to receive free things, and giving promotional items away can help grow your customer base. Keychains, pens and water bottles are some of the most popular promotional items that can usually be produced in bulk inexpensively and handed out for free. Drawstring bags, beverage can coolers and sunglasses are also often effective. You can also try giving away T-shirts that feature your company’s name and logo, but just be sure to have shirts available in different sizes.

Making your business more noticeable at a trade show is possible if you’re willing to think outside the box. By putting in some extra marketing efforts, your booth is sure to generate the right kind of attention from onlookers.

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