4 Steps for Setting Up a New Office Location With Minimal Downtime

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

Setting up a new office location is a major step for any business, and there will be many items on your to-do list. Making a smooth transition and avoiding downtime as you open the location should be near the top of that list. This helps prevent lost revenue and significant frustration.


Like many aspects of business organization, prioritization will be key. You will likely not be able to set up everything by the first day you plan to begin business operations at this location so you will need to prioritize. Think of the critical functions that are needed to run your business and focus on getting those installed first. If you have time left over, you can continue down your list but prioritize the most important things first.

Install And Test Phone And Internet

Modern businesses run on network connections, and if they aren’t working properly on day one you will experience downtime. This is why it is important to get these systems installed and functioning correctly before you plan to start up regular business operations. This includes structured cabling companies installing any cables that might be necessary as well as testing the phone lines and Internet signals with your own devices to ensure they are working properly. The last thing you want on the first day is to be putting in a frantic call to IT or your service providers.

Plan the Layout But Stay Flexible

You will want to plan the layout of your new office strategically before everything is put in place. For example, you will want to ensure workspaces with computers will have access to sufficient outlets. When it comes to where every employee will be sitting, you can use portable cubicle dividers and workstation tables to set up a kind of temporary layout to see how it works in practice. Portable items are easy to move if you decide the layout isn’t working and more permanent fixtures can always be brought in later.

Have IT Help

Your business can also have its IT service come in to help get everything set up for you. This is an especially good option for small businesses that have complex on-site networks or other technical needs that are not as easy to set up by employees and managers alone. IT professionals that can coordinate with professional phone system dealers will get things set up and working quickly so you will experience minimal downtime.

You want to hit the ground running when your new office location is finally in business. You can achieve this by approaching the new location with a structured plan and prioritizing the most important business functions. Breaking the process down into manageable steps such as these can help.

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