4 Offline Marketing Strategies to Include for Your Local Business

[This article was written by Emma Sturgis.]

These days, it seems like marketing strategies inevitably revolve around internet advertising. Between Facebook and Google, video ads and pop-ups, there are indeed plenty of ways to get your message out in the digital world. But while taking advantage of all the opportunities the internet offers, business owners should not overlook traditional, offline advertising. Marketing out in the “real world” might not be as central as it once was, but it can still go a long way toward building your business. Any comprehensive marketing strategy should include these integral strategies.

Radio Ads

From ball games to talk shows, news programs to music, the radio provides entertainment for countless individuals. Few of these people bother to mute their stereo during the commercials, which means their ears are still available for your advertisement. A simple, direct audio message can spread the word about a new business, or remind former customers about the quality of your service.

Television Ads

If you can afford the ad space, television offers an excellent way to promote your business. The visual representation of your product or service will pique viewer’s interests, and you’re bound to encounter future customers who say they saw your ad on TV. By choosing a channel or program wisely, you can target the perfect demographic for your marketing strategy. As far as production goes, simple advertisements are perfectly acceptable for a smaller, local business.

Advertising on Vehicles

If your business involves vehicles that drive around your community, then you should take advantage of that potential advertising space. A delivery car or van can easily be transformed into a billboard on wheels. For certain types of businesses, an understated sticker with simple text might be ideal. For industries where extravagance and showiness are acceptable, consider eye-catching commercial vehicle wraps.

Advertising in the Local Community

For small businesses, the best advertising is often available in all sorts of unlikely places around the community. Does the little league field need sponsors? Pay for a sign on the outfield fence. Is a local music festival short on funding? See if you can get your logo beneath the stage. These old-school strategies are a great way to boost your advertising presence while helping your community.

A lot has changed in the world of marketing, but traditional platforms are still integral to building brands. Don’t get so caught up in the digital mire that you forget about these age-old strategies. Properly employed, they are still as effective as ever.


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