4 End-of-Year Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

[This article was written by Kara Masterson.]

Finding the funding needed to keep a nonprofit organization going often feels like an endless battle. End-of-year events and holiday-themed fundraisers can help to ensure that your nonprofit is able to start the new year in the black. From Christmas card drives and New Year’s events to using matching contributions in order to turn a simple donation into the ideal holiday gift, there no shortage of fundraising ideas that could make a real difference.

End of Year Dinners and Events

The season just wouldn’t be complete without a holiday party. Dinners, galas and other events can also provide a great opportunity to solicit donations. Knowing that their holiday party is for a good cause is a great way to ensure that guests and attendees are able to get into the spirit of things.

Tournaments and Contests

From winter sporting events to an indoor video game tournament that won’t require anyone to brave the winter weather, organizing a contest as part of your fundraising efforts can be a lot of fun. The competitive nature of winter sporting events or other holiday-themed competitions can be a real asset. Challenging donors to top one another by offering a bigger donation may be much easier to do during a tournament or other competition.

Holiday Donation Drive

Tapping into the generosity of the holiday spirit is a great way to raise funds. Waiting until the end of the year in order to hold your annual fundraiser could end up being well worth the wait. Spicing things up by offering holiday gifts for donors of each level. When donors reach a certain level they can stay on a digital donor wall so everyone that walks in can see their recognition.

Matching Contributions

Buying gifts for the holidays is often quite the chore. While making a donation to a nonprofit in someone else’s name is a simple and thoughtful gift idea, finding a backer who may be willing to match any contributions made can really take things to the next level. Matching donations can turn even a modest contribution into a sizeable gesture, one that is sure to be appreciated as a holiday gift.

In addition to the holidays, the close of the year can be the ideal time for other financial reasons as well. Potential donors who may be seeking to make a donation as a tax write-off are typically eager to give during the last few weeks of the year. A creative, fun and well timed holiday fundraiser can go a long way towards funding your operation well into the new year.

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